Thursday 20 October 2011

Walk through the dark to the fire - Friday 28th October 6pm

At this time of solar withdrawal, climate change, the rapid decline of cheap oil, energy price rises and economic recession we are trying to find our way through the darkness. We are called to find warmth and light within ourselves and our community. We invite you to join your community to courageously find our way together through the dark and celebrate our connection around the bonfire at one of our local community gardens. At this time of All Hallows Eve / Halloween / Samhain, we will walk in darkness (seasonal costumes and pumpkin lanterns welcomed) along the Parkland Walk and realise our resilience, remembering our ancestors and all beings who have gone before us to pass on their wisdom of how they moved through their darker times.
You are invited to join us;
6pm at the top of Crouch Hill main road entrance to the Parkland Walk to then prepare and support each other to walk in darkness along the Parkland Walk to the Crouch End Hill exit,carrying one of Marilyn's sculptures, a local artist who made the amazing sculpted figure on the parkland walk.
We then process along Hornsey lane and Hazelville Rd (5 Mins walk) following the ancient clay route of the potters, the tilers, the brickmakers to a bonfire and other seasonal activities at Sunnyside Community Gardens (Hazelville Rd , N19 3LX). There we'll find a BBQ (bring any other food you or your ancestors enjoy to share), Apple bobbing, craft tables, face painting, music (any musicians come bring your voices and instruments) and a warm welcome in a very magical green setting. Toilets are available in their cosy community building.
Dress warmly with wet weather clothing options/wellies etc.
You may want to bring something you've written which we'll burn on the fire to symbolise whatever you wish to release or transform eg your fears/despair, your commitment to prepare for the end of cheap oil. You could then then add your wishes, along with your potatoes, of course or just come to join the feast and celebrations!
Anyone able to join us as one of the supporting stewards with high vis fluorescent jackets/waiscoasts call/text Andy 07940 291 779

Posted by Rebecca Stewart