Monday 10 October 2011

Rob Hopkins Launches his new book in Crouch End this Wednesday

We are very very pleased to invite you to join Rob Hopkins and a whole bunch of us for the exciting launch of his new book: The Transition Companion

Wednesday 12th October- Free event

FOOD from the SKY on the roof of Thornton’s Budgens in Crouch End (see our contact page for more details)

13:00 to 14:30 for a talk by Rob about his new book, an intro about FOOD from the SKY by Azul and other local ‘transition’ stories.

ABOUT ‘THE TRANSITION COMPANION: making your community more resilient in uncertain times’
This is the result of a collaborative process involving thousands of people over the past 18 months, and picks up where ‘The Transition Handbook’ left off. It sets out where Transition groups are at and crucially the key things that can help them work well. It is packed with stories and photos from around the world, of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

‘food from the sky‘ is a collaboration between Thornton’s Budgens supermarket and Azul-Valerie Thome. It is a permaculture community garden growing food to sell in the supermarket below, while providing a learning and educational space for different parts of the community.

Access to the roof is behind the store: From Crouch End Clocktower look West , walk up Crouch Hall Road , turn left pass the police station, walk through the carparks and finally climb up our public access scaffolding tower up to the sky. 2 minutes from the Clocktower.

Rob brings humour, imagination and vision to the great challenges of our time, and argues that what is needed at this time in history is “engaged optimism”. The rapidly-spreading Transition movement which he was pivotal in establishing, is an embodiment of that. Nicholas Crane, presenter of BBC2’s recent ‘Town’ series, recently referred to Transition as “the biggest urban brainwave of the century”.

He is the co-founder of Transition Town Totnes and of the Transition Network. This grew out of many years experience in education, teaching permaculture and natural building.

In 2008 he published the ‘The Transition Handbook: from oil dependence to local resilience’ which has become the transitioners’ bible. He also writes, recently voted ‘the 4th best green blog in the UK’. He was the winner of the 2008 Schumacher Award, is an Ashoka Fellow and a Fellow of the Post Carbon Institute, served 3 years as a Trustee of the Soil Association, and was named by the Independent as one of the UK’s top 100 environmentalists.

Rob is the winner of the 2009 Observer Ethical Award for the Grassroots Campaigner category, and in December 2009 was voted the Energy Saving Trust/Guardian’s ‘Green Community Hero’. He lectures and writes widely on peak oil and Transition, holds an MSc in Social Research and recently completed a PhD at the University of Plymouth entitled ‘Localisation and resilience at the local level: the case of Transition Town Totnes’. He lives in Devon and grows food for his family.

We are looking forward to host this very exciting book launch with Rob and yourselves!

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