Tuesday 25 November 2014

Mon 15th Dec- Transition Crouch End & Sustainable Haringey ' Winterfest' - 7pm

                          Doors open 6.30pm. Free entry.

Any donations made on the door and other gifts will be warmly received by our very own 'Green Santa' and given direct to
Haringey Churches Winter Night Shelter for the homeles

Food & drinks are available in the main bar.
There will also be a festive menu available. Pre order If you want to eat from the delicious xmas festive menu. See them online at
or call them
0208 347 0545

Saturday 8 November 2014

Posted on behalf of a local resident:

Planning Application Alert!

Please OBJECT to an application to erect huge new buildings, on the Hornsey Journal plot (between the Arthouse cinema and Kwik Fit.)

The application, for 6 new flats and 3 houses, has no respect for the local area or community or architecture.
It would be a TERRIBLE PRECEDENT for Crouch End (see below).
Key objections:-
Main front building higher than Kwik Fit, towering over the Citadel, completely out of scale with adjacent buildings
Proposed dark grey zinc cladding – all existing buildings are brick
Two storey blank wall bang up against small existing gardens, a looming, dark and oppressive solid mass
Large trees softening urban landscape would be killed
Cramming – 3 tiny houses with tiny, dark gardens, their only windows look out onto the Kwik Fit wall
Fire escape route between replaced by houses so no fire escape for residents in this development or the new apartments next door.
Another retail space proposed – Crouch End doesn’t need it
No parking provision for 9 new 2+ bed dwellings

Closing date 3rd December
Go to www.haringey.gov.uk , click Housing and Planning then ‘View planning applications’. The reference is HGY/2014/3139

Valerie Oleiyi, Planning Officer, Haringey Council,
639 High Road LONDON, N17 8BD
Ref application: HGY/2014/3139





Detailed Objections

Fundamental Objections

A) Proposals are detrimental to local built environment & in conflict with local planning policies

The proposed development is in complete conflict with policy SP11 of the Local Plan Strategic Policies document which states:
  • ‘All new development should enhance and enrich Haringey’s built environment and create places and buildings that are high quality and attractive’.
  • Development should be of the highest standards of design that respects its local context and character and historic significance.

The existing building is attractive, with materials, massing and style entirely in keeping with the existing built environment.

The applicants propose to replace it with buildings that are completely out of scale, ugly and in conflict with the adjacent local architecture in every respect. The building design is poor and, apart from the retention of the front façade, has absolutely no ‘respect for its local context and character and historical significance’.

The current building’s roof is not visible from the road. All the adjacent buildings have pitched roofs – the Arthouse cinema buildings, Kwit Fit, and all the houses in the Conservation Area of Fairfield Road. Hence the flat roofs of both proposed buildings are completely wrong and destroy the rhythm of the local architecture.

Hence the proposed development would be severely detrimental to the local built environment.

B) Height and mass of proposed main building on Tottenham Lane
  • Proposed building would tower over Citadel, creating a looming presence over the historically significant Victorian chapel
  • It would create a ‘canyon’ between 161 and new development at 159 Tottenham Lane in which the Citadel would be completely dwarfed.
  • Totally out of scale with adjacent buildings
  • While the existing building is raked and lower at the rear the proposed building would be the same height at the rear and a significantly larger visual mass.
  • The flat roof of the proposed building is made higher by the (unspecified so far) extra height of the rooftop housing of the lift mechanism and plant equipment.
  • Loss of privacy due to rear balconies on upper floors

The additional height and massing of the proposed building would be clearly visible from Tottenham Lane above the roof of the Citadel, and significantly detrimental to the street scene. It would stick out like a sore thumb when viewed from the rear, totally out of proportion with adjacent buildings.

C) Intrusive design & poor configuration of proposed rear houses

  • The proposed house wall built right up to the boundary would be a very serious visual intrusion – an oppressive, towering wall over Fairfield Road gardens. Actual height above gardens xxx metres (to be confirmed)
  • The proposed ‘dark grey zinc’ is totally in conflict with the prevailing brick walls of the area, and would make the visual intrusion even worse for Fairfield Road residents and oppressive in the immediately neighbouring gardens.
  • A house wall on the boundary would inevitably kill existing trees which provide valuable visual amenity from the Conservation Area, softening the urban landscape
  • The flat roofs are completely contrary to the architectural rhythm of the area.
  • The overall effect of the massing of these houses would be to ‘destroy’ the character of this part of the conservation area
  • Concern regarding noise from balconies and winter gardens, whose roofs would be able to be opened
  • Poor light conditions for residents of the houses, with single aspect windows facing a high wall which cuts out sunlight and significantly reduces daylight
  • Unnecessary additional, very small balconies with a primary view of large Kwit Fit brick wall but also overlooking Fairfield Road gardens generating lack of privacy for existing residents – why have it as well as garden and winter garden?

Additional Major Objections

D) Unnecessary additional retail spaceThe proposed development includes a retail space on the ground floor. Crouch End has more than enough retail spaces, several of which are already empty. Crouch End needs housing, not more retail space so the ground floor should be used for housing.

E) Fire Safety Concerns
The proposals highlight the existing ramp between 159 and 161, ‘which allows for a right of way in case of fire'. The proposed design of the rear houses would remove this access completely. The existing vehicular access from the front would also be lost in the proposed design of the front building.

F) More units, no parking spaces
Whilst residents could not apply for a resident’s permit, they could still own cars.

G) Low quality amenity spaceProposed gardens would have virtually no light since they are small and hemmed in on three sides by 2-4 storey buildings. The fourth side of all the gardens would have a barrier to sunlight. Plants would not flourish and soft planted would easily become waterlogged due to lack of sunlight. As such these gardens are low quality amenity space for the house residents.
Closing date 3rd December
Go to www.haringey.gov.uk , click Housing and Planning then ‘View planning applications’. The reference is HGY/2014/3139

Valerie Oleiyi, Planning Officer, Haringey Council,
639 High Road LONDON, N17 8BD
Ref application: HGY/2014/3139

Wednesday 22 October 2014

Transition Crouch End 'Rights of Nature' event at Meadow Orchard Project Sun 26th Oct 2.30 - 4.30pm

With inspirational speaker & international humanitarian lawyer Mumta Ito 
Mumta began her legal career in the heart of London’s financial sector, advising investment banks, multinationals and governments on large-scale complex transactions.

Today she is using her legal training to serve humanity. She set up the Virgin Islands Environmental Council, challenging the whole relationship between human law and the laws of nature, resulting in the ultimate protection of an area of international ecological importance.

Despite this success, Mumta had come to the realization that our modern legal system was inadequate at protecting the inherent rights of nature . This led her to the creation of the International Centre for Wholistic Law based in the Findhorn Foundation Community in Scotland. According to the Centre it recognizes nature, as having “the right to exist, persist, renew and maintain its vital cycles. Its about empowering people and communities to advocate for nature - by applying wholistic principles that encompass but also go way beyond the simple application of 'law' as it is generally understood. It also respects the interconnectedness of all life and that humans are but one part of that.

Mumta is currently engaged in a European Citizens' Initiative designed to change the world by embedding the rights of Mother Earth in the legal system of the 28-nation European Union.

At a time of increasing insanity in the race of extreme energy extraction techchniques , illicit transatlantic trade agreements (TTIP) etc, come hear her inspiring stories around the globe, and calls to Action including the pressing crises in Ecuadorian Amazon. Hear Mumta's proposals for how we can immediately make a difference in our local communities.

Meadow Orchard Project is behind the health centre car park on 151 Park Rd N8 8JT

Monday 20 October 2014

Spring Into Action! 2015

Permaculture Design Course in London 

7/8 March  21/22 March  4/5 April  18/19 April  2/3 May  16/17 May

5 Gore Road, E9, by St. Agnes Gate, Victoria Park. 

More Information and Booking here: http://springintoactionpdc.blogspot.co.uk/ 

Friday 17 October 2014

Apple Day 2104! Sat 18th October

Come and celebrate the apple at Hornsey Vale Community Centre N8 9LP on Saturday 2-5pm.  Stalls, café, apple juicing and apple tasting, apple talks and films.....

Saturday 27 September 2014

Neighbourhood Forum change of date!

ALERT! ALERT! ALERT! The Neighbourhood Forum planning meeting has been moved to Tuesday 14th October at 7.30pm Earl Haig Hall, Elder Ave N8 9TH.

Several local residents have set up this meeting to discuss the idea of having a Neighbourhood Forum for Crouch End.  All views welcome on how to make our patch a more pleasant place to live.  

Thursday 11 September 2014

"Occupy Love" & TTIP Film Event

Monday 29th Sept 2014
Join acclaimed director Velcrow Ripper (Scared SacredFierce Light) on a journey deep inside the revolution of the heart that is erupting around the planet, as he asks the question, “How could the crisis we are facing become a love story?” 
Occupy Love explores the growing realisation that the dominant system of power is failing to provide us with health, happiness or meaning. 
The old paradigm that concentrates wealth, founded on the greed of the few, is causing economic and ecological collapse. 
The resulting crisis has become the catalyst for a profound awakening: millions of people are deciding that enough is enough – the time has come to create a new world, a world that works for all life. 

The film connects the dots in this era of rapidly evolving social change, featuring captivating insider scenes from the Egyptian Revolution, the Indignado uprising in Spain, Occupy Wall Street in New York, Indigenous activists at the Alberta Tar Sands, the climate justice movement, and beyond. Woven throughout the action oriented backbone of the film is a deep exploration of public love, and compelling stories of an emerging new paradigm. 
It features some of the world’s key visionaries on alternative systems of economics, sustainability, and empathy, including Naomi Klein, Bill McKibben, Jeremy Rifkin, bell hooks and Charles Eisenstein. 
Join our screening to find out more about TTIP - the latest threat to our way of life, our environment and the security of our food chain. Choose to be part of a creative and powerful response!
Let us know you're going to be there - click here.

Monday 23 June 2014

Green on the Screen 2 July 6.30pm

Come to a new venue for Green on the Screen - the ArtHouse Crouch End in Tottenham Lane, N8 9BT.
Doors open 6.30pm with an introduction from Quentin Given of Friends of the Earth- film at 7.15pm then discussion. We are screeening "Project wild thing" a film about reconnecting kids with nature. Donations on the door.
Food and drink at the ArtHouse Deli. We hope to see you there.

Sunday 23 February 2014

Ongoing intiatives and projects

Get Growing!

Meadow Orchard Project - community garden, orchard, wild-life meadow and eco-building behind Hornsey Health Centre. Ongoing volunteer days every Saturday from 11am to 4pm. 151 Park Road, Crouch End N8 8JD (access through NHS carpark). www.meadoworchard.org

Food from the Sky Regular growing sessions up on the roof of Budgens. http://foodfromthesky.org.uk       

Other Growing Spaces:

Harold Rd - community garden, Plot 21- community allotment, Naturewise Forest Garden, Priory Common Orchard and Hornsey Vale Tyre Garden - details from Transition Crouch End.

Knowing thru Growing  Weekly Low Maintenance Gardening and seasonal community celebrations at Stroud Green Library. Also makes signs for gardens.

River of Flowers - working with the community to create and map ‘rivers’ of wildflowers or trails of floral forage in urban spaces for the benefit of bees, butterflies and other insect pollinators, people and plants. Transition Crouch End is in the River of Flowers: North London, the first in London. www.riverofflowers.org

Get Connected!

Green on the Screen...Bi-monthly, Last weds of the month films on sustainability, environmental issues and all things green at the Community Centre, basement of Union Church, Weston Park/Ferme Park Road N8 9PX. A documentary, soup & conversation.gots.transitioncrouchend.org.uk

Urban Harvest…Free Food Foraging walks and workshops third Saturday of the month www.urbanharvest.org.uk

Barboot-7.30-10.30pm 1st Friday of each month , the Haberdashery Cafe, Middle Lane, turns into a colourful and kaleidoscopic bazaar with community artists, craftspeople and vintage sellers. 3rd Friday of each month musicians perform ' Three Songs' each, proceeds to a local cause. Also at www.mooorsbar.com

Bon Croissant Cafe Monthly Saturdays Community Music Jam. 85 Weston Park.  All levels of music skills welcome.Email:mary6104@hotmail.com

Hornsey Vale Community Centre (HVCA)A busy hub in the heart of our community with something for everyone. Home of our Tyre Garden and Recycled tabletop sales www.hornseyvale.org

Community Acupuncture Tues eves 5.30-8.30 @ Hornsey Vale Community Centre. run by Gemma. Call in or Email: loncapinfo@gmail.com

Community Choir...singing songs of resilience, midday Thursdays @Union Church

LoVe Eating:Initiated by local vegans to explore issues & experiences of eating sustainably that is cheap, fun and ethical. Discovering where to source food and how to cook it. Informal workshops so far include; Making Sushi (using spelt), Making Gnocchi. Non vegans welcome. www.lve.org.uk or call Gemma 07806870505

Get Crafty!

Mosaic making with recycled materials: regular workshops each month, at the Meadow Orchard and Hornsey Vale Community Centre.  Email RachelFell@hotmail.com for details. www.thirdrock.moonfruit.com  

Knit Cafe – Unlibrary at Hornsey Library on Saturdays, now also at Stroud Green Library.

Get Building!

Eco building- cob, straw bale, rammed earth, timber and lime rendering at the Meadow Orchard Project.  www.meadoworchard.org

Draughtbusting (when demand arises) . Coming up... Home energy initiatives....Tool Library (looking for a coordinator to set up with our donated tools/ swaps). Contact Transition Crouch End for more info & to get involved.

Get Loaded!

NLLETS We are a member of the local exchange and trading scheme & have now joined Haringey Timebank…other ideas for boosting our local economy welcomed.

Wednesday 19 February 2014

Alternative Clothes Show

Come to the second amazing, wonderful Alternative Clothes Show on Saturday 22nd March 3-7pm at Hornsey Vale Community Centre, Mayfield Road N8 9LP.  Models still needed for our all ages catwalk.....contact details below.