Event Date & Time

Saturday, 5 March 2011 - 9:30am - Sunday, 6 March 2011 - 5:30pm


5, Torrens St,
United Kingdom

Event organiser

Steph Bradley
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Very exceptionally we have several places left on our 2 day training for transition course in London 5/6 March.

This course costs £105, but concessions are always available.

"one of the best training workshops of any kind I have been on" (participant Nov 2010)

Training for Transition is a 2-day "fundamentals" course for those wishing to know how to set up, run, and maintain a successful Transition Initiative. It is packed with imaginative and inspiring ways to delve into both the theory and practice of Transition - download the course overview below.

The first Training for Transition was held on 19/20-Oct-07 in Totnes, and there have now been more than 70 further trainings in the UK and internationally. There are now training pools offering Training for Transition in Canada, the USA, New Zealand, Australia, and Japan. In addition we have run trainings in Italy, Hungary, Ireland, Holland, Brazil, Germany, Belgium, and China - with further trainings planned for Spain, Portugal, France, and Denmark.

This two day workshop is both a practical and informative introduction to Transition and a powerful personal journey to greater personal resilience. It weaves together practice and theory, information and experiential, our inner Transition with our outer Transition, and personal and community Transition. The feedback from participants indicates that this two day journey holds for many key insights, understanding, and awareness to help them to contribute to the most important journey of our times; the journey to a peaceful and resilient world.

Our intention in offering this training is to inspire, encourage, and inform people who wish to undertake Transition. There is plenty of glowing feedback, and now increasing evidence that those initiatives who attend the training find setting up and successfully creating a Transition Town an easier, faster, and more convivial process. By learning the nuts and bolts of what has worked in other Transition Initiatives, it empowers you to creatively apply Transition in your town, city, hamlet, or island.

Many people do this training when already involved in Transition and find it enriches and adds to their experience as well as providing opportunities for sharing experiences with others on the same journey.


Contact Steph Bradley training@transitionnetwork.org to book.