Monday 21 February 2011

Growing in Haringey: paid work contracts

11 Feb 2011

Growing in Haringey developed out of the Sustainable Haringey Food Group to co-ordinate, promote and support community gardening and sustainable food activities in Haringey. Capital Growth has awarded GIH a small ‘Local Lead’ grant for this co-ordination work. We want to use this to pay for at least some of the reliable core work involved. (Much of this co-ordination is what Jo Foster has for so long done voluntarily – but Jo is now moving away).

Please contact Anne Gray at if you are interested in one or more of the five ‘job spec’ contracts outlined below. We’re aware that the fees offered are very little – only a minimal cover of the work really needed, much of which will have to continue to be done by volunteers. So you’ll need interest and enthusiasm for the aims of Growing in Haringey and its member projects, and for being part of this community network.

Strategy workshop organiser/facilitator -- £100 fee offered.
Experienced event organiser/facilitator to prepare and organise a network gathering on 15 May, to involve projects in identifying what they want from GIH, who they would like this to work, and ways they can help support and enable this, as the basis for GIH priorities and strategic plan. This event to incorporate GIH AGM.

GIH web-site and on-line development and maintenance -- £120 fee offered (over 1 year): we need a reliable monthly health-check of GIH web-site, alerting others if work needed to update their content. You may need to liaise with the webmaster for the time being of the wikispace where it is housed, to give people access rights to add/edit content if they need that.

Summer Festival co-ordinator -- £200 fee offered (+£50 initial working budget).
Organising a co-ordinated stall presence at the round of summer festivals around the borough – which might be either a GIH stall or GIH materials at a stall run by another relevant organisation. This will involve liaising with projects and with local festival organisers, lining up volunteers to staff stalls, and sorting out display and information materials. We hope it will be possible for this to include fundraising and interactive activities. Main activity will be during May-Sep 2011; see separate contract below for production of information and display materials.

Information directory and display poster – design and production -- £60 fee offered (+£100 initial printing/working budget)
We need a graphic designer for two information products – a ‘local growing projects’ directory leaflet, and a display poster – needed by end May, for the summer festival season. We need these both as printed paper products, and as GIH web-site content (liaising with web co-ordinator above). We are aware that we will need to raise or identify further funding to cover printing.

Network contacts co-ordinator: £300 fee offered (over 1 year).
The core requirement here is maintaining list of local projects and contacts, and producing a bi-monthly email newsletter for circulation to the contacts list and posting up on the GIH web-site. This will also entail often being the first point of contact for information and queries, either dealing with them or knowing who to pass them on to.

If you are interested in one or more of these contracts, you are welcome to contact Anne Gray for an informal discussion of your experience and interest. To apply, please email an outline of your relevant experience, and contacts (phone, physical address, position, professional relationship to you, e-mail) for two people as references for your work to Anne at Also include URLs of any web sites you have designed, or pdfs of up to 3 leaflets you have designed

Involvement in and knowledge of community gardening and/or sustainable food projects in Haringey – or interest in becoming an active part of this community network – is essential, as well as relevant skills for the particular tasks you want to do. We recognise voluntary experience as of the same status as paid employment. All these contracts will involve working with GIH  Committee and other volunteers. If we take you on for any of these contracts, we will enrol you in GIH’s Advisers panel.

All the fees are based on £20/hr for estimated work expected. Generally, we will expect to pay quarterly in arrears, or on basis of delivery of specified outcomes, unless otherwise negotiated. These fees are offered as freelance self-employed contracts; you are expected to pay your own tax and national insurance.  I’m afraid that we are not able to provide additional expenses payments, nor to provide office space or equipment. We will be looking to raise additional working funds during the year, but can’t guarantee this.

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