Friday 25 February 2011

Next Film at Green on the Screen - Wednesday 2 March 2011

Green on the Screen
Moors Bar, Park Road
Crouch End
Doors Open @ 7pm
Film Showing @8pm
Suggested Donation £3
The Turning Point: a return to community

The Nature Sanctuary at the Findhorn Foundation Community

The Turning Point: a return to community explores the vital importance of community in the 21st century and its role in helping us to create a life-sustaining society.
The film takes an inspiring look at some of the sustainable community solutions that have grown up over the last 20 years around the Findhorn Foundation community in Scotland. This multi-faith spiritual community, ecovillage and international centre for holistic education aspires to foster a new human consciousness and to create a positive and sustainable future.

The film also explores Community Supported Agriculture, the localisation of wind energy, egg, cheese and bread production, ecological sewage treatment, a Transition Town community garden, car pooling and adopting a local currency. 
You can see clips from the film here
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