Tuesday 24 January 2012

Warm and Healthy Neighbourhoods - short term volunteering opportunity ...supporting older people for healthier and warmer winter

Want to help people aged 60+ keep warm and healthy during the cold months this winter? Can you help an older person living in your neighbourhood?

If you have 2 hours per week available- please get in touch. This limited volunteering opportunity is available on a first come first serve basis.

Volunteers are needed to help with a variety of support work, which will enable older people to live a better quality of life.

You might be accompanying an older person to a GP appointment or social event, or perhaps enabling someone to access services to boost their general well being.

As a volunteer, you will be allocated to a social worker for any support needs. This offers a real learning opportunity for volunteers to work in the expanding areas of health/social care and well being while interacting directly with clients in your local community.

Contact Rachel Fell :
email    rachel.fell@ageukharingey.org.uk
phone   020 8801 2444

Monday 16 January 2012

And a Wassailing We Will Go..

We sang this...

Our little song honoured the lovely apple trees in Harold Road Garden, including the splendid specimen donated by Blackmoor Estate on Apple Day: we'll be expecting hatfuls and bagfuls and barn floors of apples in summer.  A little bit of Wassail Punch and soggy toast at the foot of each tree followed by a communal sup from the Wassailing Bowl all helped combat the winter chill.  The brew was a mysterious punch made of baked apples, ale, sugar, Christmas spices and just a dash of Pimms. Afterwards we sang our song, and no-one seemed to mind, certainly not the Police Station next door.

Thanks to everyone who came and to Bethany who taught us a Cornish Wassailing Carol, lyrics courtesy of her smart phonb, and her friend, David who accompanied our dowsing with his melodeon.

Here's Bethany's version.

1. Wassail! wassail! all over the town,
Our toast it is white and our ale it is brown;
Our bowl it is made of the white maple tree;
With the wassailing bowl1, we'll drink to thee.

2. Here's to our horse, and to his right ear,
God send our master a happy new year:
A happy new year as e'er he did see,
With my wassailing bowl I drink to thee.

3. So here is to Cherry and to his right cheek
Pray God send our master a good piece of beef
And a good piece of beef that may we all see
With the wassailing bowl, we'll drink to thee.

4. Here's to our mare, and to her right eye,
God send our mistress a good Christmas pie;
A good Christmas pie as e'er I did see,
With my wassailing bowl I drink to thee.

Just a taster - there are ten verses... 

Next year, we'll have a choir, our own bowl made of white maple, and we'll be wassailing all over the town.  Watch out!

New Indoor Market in Crouch End

Thursday 5 January 2012

Green Peas Messy Play


Our messy play classes are run weekly during term time. Typical session lasts 1hr and includes:creative craft activities, tactile play,and drawing table.
The activities are suitable for children aged 15 months-4 years. The young children can enjoy variety of tactile play activities, whereas the older ones can also engage in creative crafts, painting and drawing.


Each week we focus on developing different skills such as; painting, drawing, modelling, cutting, making collages. At the end of the class children can take their artwork home in provided by us bags.

Our TACTILE PLAY allows children to learn about size, shape, texture and length. Each week we use different  materials, varying in texture, colour, density and invite children to touch them, to manipulate them and explore them by stretching them, pulling/pinching, squishing, squeezing and kneading them.

Watch out for JELLY PLAY, FOAM PLAY, SPAGHETTI PLAY, ICE PLAY and many more REALLY MESSY adventures!

DRAWING table and PAINTING easel are always a part of our messy play. Children can use crayons to colour in lovely templates or simply draw their favourite objects as well as splash some paint!

Green Peas Natural Messy Play sessions are an unique opportunity for children to actively engage with Nature in an urban setting. They are designed to reflect changing seasons and strengthen your child’s connection with Nature. We use natural materials foraged in local green spaces, recycled paper and craft materials and bring the crafts activities outdoors during the summer months. Come to one of our messy play classes and let your child play with seeds, grains, pasta shells and many more fascinating objects.

(it is possible to arrange flexible 1 hr sessions between 3-4.30 pm)
First class only £5
Drop in £8 or book 3 or more classes for £7,50/class
VENUE: The Friends Meeting House, 80 Church Crescent, N10 3NE
MAP: http://tinyurl.com/6jtpvdx

3-4 pm
(it is possible to arrange flexible 1 hr sessions between 3.30-4 pm)
Start: 9th January
VENUE: Hornsey Vale Community Centre, 60 Mayfield Rd, N8 9LP, MAP: http://tinyurl.com/cwbozl2
First class only £5
Drop in £8 or book 3 or more classes for £7,50/class

10-11am and 10.30-11.30 am
Start: 17th January 2012
WATERLOW PARK, next to Dartmouth Hill gate and playground. Map: : http://tinyurl.com/ctlj2bq
First class only £5
Drop in £8 or book 3 or more classes for £7,50/class

How to book:
To book e-mail Anna at info@greenpeasevents.co.uk or call: 0794 939 2708
We accept cheques, cash or bank transfers. Book in advance to avoid disappointment