Saturday 15 October 2011

Apple Day is Here

And finally Apple Day dawns and we go back far into time to when the first apple was eaten...

Ode to the Apple
 by Pablo Neruda

I want to celebrate you,
Making my mouth run with juice
At the mere mention of your name.

You are eternally new
Like nothing else,
Like no-one else.
A recent windfall from Paradise
Bursting with purity
Like the crimson cheek
Of the dawn.

How shall I compare thee
To the fruits of the earth?
The particle grapes,
The dusky mangoes
The bony plum trees,
The deep depths figs.
You are pure pomade,
Freshly toasted bread,
The cheese
Of the vegetable world.

When I bite into you,
Your restore my innocence.
Just touching an apple
Returns us in an instant
To the moment of being
Newly sprung from the earth.

I want a superabundance,
An overrunning of your family.
I want
A city,
A republic,
A Mississippi River
Of apples
And on your shores,
I want to see
Everyone in the world
United, reunited
In the simplest act in the world,
Munching an apple.

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