Monday 10 October 2011

An Apple Poem A Day... continued

We are delighted to have local Harringay resident, Dick Harris come to our Apple Day, famous for his cider making and autumn produce. He will be selling jam and encouraging people to try his apple juice and other alcoholic apple formats.  We include this poem in his honour.

The Apple
By Philéas Lebesque

Lovely Autumn, give me your apples,
Blushing like the cheeks of a young girl.
I want to gobble them up.
I want to slurp up their juice.

Lovely Autumn, give me your apples
For the cider press standing there.
I want to crack open that delicate flesh
Between its jaws of iron.
I want to draw out the golden liquor
Working the screw and the lever hard.
I want to see the source of my intoxication gush.
To challenge the heaviness of winter and the dark months.
There’s nothing like a full cellar and grain in the granary.

Lovely Autumn, give me your apples.
In the dewy meadow, my corn ripens
What does the past matter?  I have sown the future.
The withered leaves at the whim of the wind may career
Into the fog of the darkening days.

I have cider in my cellar.
I have leave to forget the real pain of living
The pain of walking bent,
And having so little, so little freedom…

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