Tuesday 22 September 2015

Green on the Screen Special 'Another World' 

Hornsey Town Hall - Weds 30th Sept 2015 - Doors open 6.30pm
Food & drink will be available for purchase.

“Another World” documentary is about the grassroots initiatives in Greece that form 'another world' right here and now, away from the crisis and beyond capitalism.

The film will be presented by Dr Marina Prentoulis, senior lecturer in Media and Politics. She will join us for post film discussion.

The film reflects back to a time, when 'another world' put limits to growth, emphasised co-operation rather than competition and appreciated gifts and exchange as bonds of human solidarity. This is explored through the lens of Greece, once the centre of European Civilisation, its descent into economic crisis and the rising swell of grass roots civil initiatives in order to reclaim life, the commons, creative free time and production processes.> (www.popularresistance.org)

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