Sunday 22 July 2012

Please come to our Culture Jam on Saturday

You are invited to this event - this Saturday (28th July) @ 5:30pm
Meadow Orchard

We aim to aid our creative community in making Crouch End a stronger and happier place in these troubled times, and enjoy doing it. We support the annual Crouch End Festival ( it helps raise the profile of the creative community here) and want to go further by helping more local cultural events to happen throughout the year. Events worth your while attending - something you would want to go to again. Many of us who live in Crouch End are creative performers, and even more are supporters of cultural activities. We have enough people, places and skills to make our own cultural events, so what would you like to see happen? Join us at this one so your voice is heard.

So, we're holding a series of occasional free events - the idea is, as it's nearby, just turn up and be creative if you wish. This is intended to be a gathering of local culture-friendly people who enjoy supporting each other creatively - a 'safe' place to give and receive performance, shaped by the people who are there. A get-together outside on a summer evening in a natural setting.

Please 'join' this event on Facebook so we know you are going to be there.

5:30pm event starts - please bring some food and drink to share, cups and plates (nothing disposable please)

The Meadow Orchard is a natural, open community space. There are enough chairs and we can sit on the grass - there is no electricity or water, although there is a composting toilet. We can make a fire to heat water for some tea. Food is welcome, particularly if we can share it. There is a polytunnel in which we can shelter from any rain, but let's hope it doesn't.

There may only be a few people who show up, it's not a 'big' event. Some of us are professional performers and others remain unrecognised. At previous events, people gathered to talk and play, tell stories, listen, participate, support and perform. There have been songs sung a capella and accompanied by guitar. A battery-powered keyboard was provided. Poems have been read (and written) here. People have quoted and cited works by others they wanted to share. A choir sung. Instruments were played. Drawing and painting took place. We've had conversations about the sort of cultural events we can help create here from our own resources. We know from previous experience in holding local events that these conversations are what leads to action - people become the change they want to see.

8:30pm (approx) Battery-powered cinema - an eclectic program of short films,designed to facilitate discussion. The 55 inch screen is quite small, so consumes little - if the battery runs out, please take turns to pedal the bicycle that will be standing by. Several people have shown their own works. The screen is not exactly cinema quality, but it's still nice to see stuff out in the open air. If you do show some of your own work, please send it in advance ( so that we can add it to the portable computer we stream from, and expect a Q&A.

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