Wednesday 30 November 2011

Herbal Medicine Workshops at Green Lens Studio

Herbal Workshops@ Green Lens Studios
4a Atterbury Road,
London, N4 1SF
Phone/Fax: 020 8350 5915
Mobile: 0777933 7693
Led By Medical Herbalist Misty Simpson
 £ 5, £10 or £15. Pay what you can.
Please call 0750 699 2795 as spaces are limited.
Sunday Dec 11th. 1-3:30
Seasonal Festive Remedies  
In this workshop we will look at the medicinal properties, legend and lore of traditional herbs and spices associated with the festive season. We will discuss at frankincense, myrrh, cinnamon, cloves mistletoe and more. We will take a look at the origins, history and meaning of mid winter celebrations and make a remedy to take home.
January 8th  1-3:30
Keeping Well in Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit in the Dark Months.
This work shop will cover, making cold and flu remedies as well as looking at seasonal effective disorder and herbal remedies for the low spirits that are common at this time of year. We will look at making the darkness our ally and embracing the winter months as an essential part of an ever changing cycle.

February 12th. 1-3:30pm
In this workshop we will look at herbal remedies to accent love. We will look at the medicinal properties of roses and chocolate and explore some heated passion potions. We will explore ways to open hearts and grow love and compassion for ourselves, our families, our communities and our planet.

March 11th 1-3:30 pm
Spring Awakening.
At long last life is starting to spring up around us. Today we will take an herb walk in railway fields and discuss the medicinal plants that are growing there. We will look at nourishing plant infusions, why we detox this time of year and how to do this safely and effectively. Meet at the entrance to railway fields on Green Lanes.  Wet weather dress may be required.

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