Thursday 28 July 2011

Cob building at the Meadow Orchard Project, Park Road

Meadow Orchard Project is launching an Eco-build Project in association with Cob in the Community, What is Architecture and Wood Works Wonders.

Come and take part in this exciting community project to help build a straw-bale and cob eco-hut together from start to finish.  Gain new skills, get fit and have lots of fun in a beautiful and inspiring natural setting in North London.

Series of workshops to learn skills and techniques in natural building: 

Cob building with Cob in the Community
1st/2nd, 15th/16th, 22nd/23rd Oct, 29th/30th Oct 10am - 4.30pm
The philosophy of earth building and art of mixing cob, tools and techniques for constructing cob walls, setting windows/door frames and bench supports.
8th/9th Oct, 10am - 4.30pm
Straw-bale building with Chug
Using straw-bales to construct walls, installing windows/door frames and lime rendering of walls.

Plus every Friday ongoing volunteer days to continue work on the building.
Course costs are £70 for w/e (£35 for one day)
£180 for a package of 6 days of courses

If you are interested in taking part in the eco-build project or to find out more please get in touch by email or phone. Course days can be attended as one off days, whole weekend or multiple days. Please note course dates advertised are subject to flexibility to take account of weather.
To register please contact: 
Phone: 07947 617563
Venue: Meadow Orchard Project, behind Hornsey Health Centre, 151 Park Rd, Crouch End N8 8JD

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